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Protect Your Business and People With Access Control

Property crime is rising, so protecting your business and people with an access control system is essential. An expert installer can help you select the right commercial or residential space system.

A modern access control system offers many benefits, whether you’re looking to improve security or streamline your operations. Here are a few options to consider.


Biometric access control is a powerful security solution that uses a person’s unique physical characteristics to verify identity. It’s a robust method of authentication that can’t be faked or compromised, and it’s become the latest trend in commercial access control systems.

Fingerprint scanning and facial recognition systems are popular biometric access control technologies. They are straightforward and offer security superior to PIN-based systems or keycards. These systems can also help eliminate the costs of rekeying or replacing locks or lost or stolen cards.

These systems are also straightforward to manage, allowing you to unlock doors and monitor your facility from a mobile app on your smartphone or computer. Additionally, your system is always up-to-date, eliminating the need for expensive hardware upgrades or frequent software updates. Lastly, these systems are compatible with your existing CCTV and alarm systems, making them a practical and cost-effective security solution.


Card-based access control systems use cards or fobs that contain electronic data that grant access to individuals. These systems eliminate the need for keys and reduce administrative costs by preventing unauthorized door entry. They also provide comprehensive audit trail data for entry activity, which helps identify security breaches and lower operational risk.

These systems allow users to select a clearance code from a list of pre-defined access privileges. The system then checks to see if the unique card information matches the permissions logged in the database, and if so, it allows access to enter the building or protected area.

All Avigilon Alta doors support vital cards and fobs for door access and mobile entry options. With a few clicks, you can even send digital keys to new employees. This allows businesses to reduce the time spent distributing keys and resetting access codes and eliminate the risk of lost or stolen cards.

Keyless Entry

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of distributing keys, consider keyless entry access control systems. This type of system uses a smartphone app to grant or deny access. It’s simple to set up and can save you money in the long run. Plus, it’s more efficient if you need to go into lockdown at the push of a button.

Many keyless entry systems exist, including proximity cards, biometrics, and keypads. Each one offers its unique benefits. For example, proximity cards provide a high level of security in a convenient form factor. They’re almost impossible to duplicate, and you can choose between a variety of door options for both interior and exterior spaces.

If you need an access control system in Miami Beach, Florida, contact Dicsan Technology for a full range of installation and repair services. Their technicians specialize in all aspects of IT, fiber optic services, and access control.

Gate Access

Gate access control systems are a cost-effective security solution that allows businesses to track incoming traffic and deter unwanted entrants. This is especially important for companies in high-crime areas like Doral, Coconut Grove, Overtown, Liberty City, and Allapattah.

The best way to ensure that a gate access control system is operating correctly is by performing regular maintenance, including cleaning the gates and promptly addressing software or hardware issues. Also, watch for signs that the system is wearing down and will need replacement parts in the future.

From Coral Gables condo buildings to Miami Beach parking garages, property owners in the area know how challenging it is to balance easy access with security. The right access control system can resolve this issue without compromising security. Many property managers and building owners also appreciate that these systems provide records of every admittance and departure, which can be helpful in criminal investigations.

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