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How Access Control Systems Can Protect Your Business, Office, Or Home

Miami access control systems can protect your business, office, or home from unwanted entrants and help you track who enters and leaves.

Deciding what kind of system to use can take time and effort. But it doesn't have to be. Enter your criteria below to get multiple quotes from trusted suppliers in a simplified process.


Keypads are one of the most popular forms of access control systems. They are easy and affordable to install, with minimal wiring. They can also work well alongside video intercoms and elevator controls for a fully integrated building management system. Choose an intelligent keypad with cloud-based software for the best possible security and convenience. Property staff can easily update the tenant directory, assign PIN codes, and adjust access permissions remotely.

Look for an intelligent keypad with guest access control technology features so tenants can grant guests temporary credentials and monitor visitor entry in real-time. A keypad with a virtual key system is especially helpful for visitor management, as it lets residents send unique codes to visitors before their visit. Then, they can open the door with a button on the mobile app or keypad. This allows residents to watch visitors while away from home or work.


An access control system is crucial to protecting your commercial property. It can help prevent theft, robbery, and other crimes that may damage your business and endanger the safety of your employees and customers. A Miami complete access control company can install a system that's easy to use and has advanced features.

Choose a remote access control system for your Miami office to track who has access to your building and assets. It can be managed from anywhere, making it an ideal choice for businesses that need to change their facility's access policies on the go.

From Coral Gables condo buildings to Miami Beach parking garages, all properties must balance ease of entry with security. Choose a touchless solution that allows guests to check in with security staff before entering the premises. It can also be integrated with video surveillance, fire alarms, POS systems, and HVAC systems to provide a complete security solution.


As the world evolves and security systems become more advanced, traditional locks and keys give way to newer systems. These systems use fingerprints and facial recognition to verify identity, eliminating the need for access codes or cards that can be stolen or lost. They also prevent unauthorized entry by allowing only those with registered fingerprints or faces to enter. Professional locksmiths are seeing a growing demand for these systems because they effectively prevent burglaries and theft in offices and homes.

Biometric security systems can be more expensive than other access control technology but offer higher security. They are also an excellent option for small businesses, as they can be easily installed and integrated with existing systems. They can even be used with smart home devices to allow users to unlock their doors remotely.

Avigilon Alta

Miami access control systems installers recommend Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, as a seamless security solution to make office security flexible and future-proof. Powered by the cloud, this end-to-end physical security suite integrates cameras, readers, and other hardware to deliver real-time visibility, advanced management, and security automation.

Integrated and customizable management dashboards are accessible on any device, with real-time reporting and custom AI-powered alerts that can be triggered instantly. Avigilon Alta also automates building occupancy tracking to help you create brighter, healthier spaces.

Choose from secure access control systems methods, including mobile credentials requiring no additional hardware for a hygienic and fast touchless entry experience. Using Avigilon's patented Triple Unlock technology, the system can recognize and authenticate credentials within seconds for 99.9% unlock reliability, even during power outages. Add locations and onboard users with flexible software that scales to meet your business needs without downtime. Avigilon also offers a complimentary user support app for immediate, personalized assistance.

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